5 things I’m obsessed with this week

This is a hopefully weekly post where I share the things that are lighting me up. I get very, very into things and I love to tell people about the things I am very, very into. Here’s what I’m obsessed with right now:

1. Give a Sh*t by Ashlee Piper

I’ve been planning to pick up a copy of Give a Sh*t since I heard a great interview with Ashlee Piper on Tranquility du Jour. The book offers tips for living more sustainably in basically very area of your life: food shopping and preparation, fashion, home decor, beauty, etc. With the understanding that not everyone can safely give up certain things (such as plastic straws or meat consumption) or engage in all suggested activities, I think everyone should be able to find at least a few tips here that they can incorporate into their lives to lessen their negative impact on the environment.

2. The Stew

Okay, so it seems like I was the last person on earth to cook this amazing Spiced Chickpea Stew with Coconut and Turmeric from Alison Roman. (Note: I flipped through Roman’s cookbook at my local coffee/magazine shop that makes me feel endlessly uncool earlier this evening, and I will be purchasing it soon.)

Anyway, The Stew is definitely worth the hype. I doubled the garlic and the ginger and recommend you do the same.

3.  WeCroak

I mentioned at the workshop I attended on new Year’s Day that I was trying to become more death aware, and one of the other women recommended that I download the WeCroak app.

Five times a day, WeCroak sends me a push notification reminding me that I’m going to die, then instructs me to swipe for a quote that reminds me to live more intentionally.

4. Bellocq Tea

I visited Bellocq‘s Greenpoint tea salon a couple of weeks ago and picked up bags of their Siam Basil Lemongrass and White Wolf teas, along with a small wire basket to strain my tea. This has significantly up-leveled my tea game, greatly appreciated during a month when I’m not drinking alcohol and want something warm to sip while I write or watch Hallmark movies.

5. Nancy Pelosi

Okay, yes, I too wish everyone’s politics were closer to AOC’s BUT I am loving NP’s complete refusal to play ball with the toddler running our country, and in particular not allowing him to deliver the SOTU.

Thank you, Speaker Pelosi.

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